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Sportr Golf Travelbag


Sportr Golf Travelbag



Do you like to travel and play on the nicest golf courses across the globe? We proudly present you the brand new rollable & durable travel partner which provides superior protection while travelling.


The SportrPRO golf travelbag is full size and suitable for almost any model golf bag. There is even room to bring your golf clothes, shoes and accessories. 


This 3-layer lightweight constructed travel bag offers maximum protection during transport by car, by train or by plane. It can be easy driven around on the integrated 2 in-line skate wheels.


After arrival and in less than a minute you roll it, tighten the closing straps and end up with a compact hand carry bag.



Inside the zipped pocket you find the padded club head protector, it is a removable protective cap for your drivers.  Wrap it tightly around your club heads for extra protection.


The R&D team behind the young but innovative brand Sportr is highly motivated to invest in sustainability and like to clean up our planet. For this sturdy golf travelbag we have used recycled PET bottles and we developed new durable and strong polyester fabrics.


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